Colours on the horizon

Last weekend was sorta life-changing for Bun and I. We finally signed the papers to our possible first home (I'm saying possible at this point 'cause I don't wanna jinx anything). The house fits most of our requirements but it isn't located in a very central place. That don't really matter 'cause it's central to our work places. I guess it's all for the better since I'll be far away from the evil shopping temptations (sigh!)

The house won't be ready until 2012 and I'm pretty scared about the whole waiting process. You know, all those horror stories by other new house owners about projects being abandoned. I'll try to not fret about things that I cannot control and start looking out for stuff that we need for a new house. There are a million things that we need to buy and it's good to start looking around to know what's the best deal we can get. Now we're moving on to the fun stuff! Imma need to start an inspiration board!! Curse the man who banned me from using pink as the main colour of the house. I won't cook for him once we move in. That'll show him.

We were greeted by a huge rainbow while on the way out after signing the papers. I'm not trying to sound superstitious or universal or whatever, but I do believe this could be a good sign for our new beginning.