Cats and dogs

Being stranded in a cafe with WiFi and a borrowed Macbook isn't such a bad idea. It would be nice if I had a companion to help look after the laptop while I head to the washroom without having to worry about the laptop being carted away by a scumbag stranger. It's funny how I've been sitting here for the past three hours and have not accomplished the main task that drove me out here in the first place. Well, at least I've checked my emails and done 2% of what I wanted to finish today. I believe it's important to have achieved something than to attempt nothing at all. The rain is pouring and it's getting dark in here. I wished they had proper fluorescent lights on so I don't have to risk going blind after sitting here and staring into the screen for another few more hours.

I just emailed a friend in New Zealand updating her about my abandoned plans due to the recent life-changing decision that Bun and I made. Sometimes I feel like I make too many promises to myself which I'll never fulfill. One of it is New Zealand. New York is another promise which lives in a little corner in my head. I suppose I can plan for a short visit someday. Right now all I can do is dream.