Journey through a Nikon D2X lens... and then some

When you start asking why some people spend tens of thousands dollars on a friggin' camera... You should start looking at their pictures to know the answer. Below pictures are graciously (or not?) donated by Weng from Weng Studio.

Going our separate ways. A very unromantical and non-makeup candid shot captured without both of us knowing.

Meanwhile... Another couple is getting the mood on! Nah... It was all about the perfect timing and perfect angle. I swear on my momma's life this wasn't a staged photo op or photoshopped!

Later that day, I was caught red-handed in an intimate moment with some other guy when Mr. Bun wasn't around. Please don't mind it was the guy from the above picture. There weren't too many male homosapiens around when we were up the hills. Not that I was caught in the moment by choice anyway. We were all forced to be test shot models in every other shot, except the photographer though.

Test shot of 'Meetings in the Nature'

Erm... Chaos at the park?

Aaawwww... Don't they look so happy chilling out at the cabana? Test shot models are so important that even the real models had to try to hide behind the bushes

By now you would be thinking we're clowning during working hours. But Imma tell you we work hard like cowboys. Yeehaw!!

Some of us worked so hard to a point where we were like kulis.

Woah... Now that's a pro!

Disclaimer: The following pictures are shot with cellphone cameras

Now you see what sort of genius thoughts and intelligence that goes behind the scene of a photoshoot project. Beautiful pictures don't just get captured without proper planning and much work. Neither would you have guessed who the real person looks like in pictures which feature just certain body parts. It was plain hard work + much sweat and tears trying to take new pictures for Tioman, Langkawi and the hills. But I'm glad we came through in the end and not only we've got kickass new pictures in the photo library now, we managed to work our asses off and still love each other at the end of the day.

Altogether now, AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW...