I'm a lean mean stressed up machine

Bet the whole world is having Obama-talk right now. Why the hell not? He broke a stereotype which still lives up till this day and got elected as USA's first black president. Kudos to that! Don't let the focus and scrutiny fool you though. Obama's not black. He's half white, half black. Representing both worlds fairly, we hope. But it hasn't really stuck me just how significant this election is. I do know it's the passing of the terrible past 8 years and the Americans now have a black president finally, but I don't really think it's any of my business... yet anyways. Gotta wait until we see if the new president is able to lift up America's economy and hopefully the rest of the world will rise up followingly. Such a pitiful thing that we're so relient on one single nation for our economy's survival btw.

These few days has been really pressing and stressed up, but I've learned a lot at the same time. I've seen some really ugly side of people who have hidden agendas. How they would have the heart to say negative words to influence innocent minds baffles me. It's like how the drug industry tells you that drinking milk is good for you and your kids. The society's been brainwashed to think that human beings can actually absord the nutrients in cow's milk. But in fact we can't. Sometimes I wonder how we can cut the crap and have everyone focused on what's important in life. But who knows... Maybe scandals and backstabbing mean a lot to these rodents. Notice how I've not slammed gossiping? Gossiping isn't really harmful I think. It's just chatter that comes and goes. Things go bad when backstabbing comes into play. Sometimes gossips keep things fun and lively. Might bring people closer as well.

Oh did I mention time flies by like a freaking annoying mosquito you're trying to smack but escapes anyway? I see many people, including yours truly trying hard to grasp tight on time but we end up catching up like mad. It's like being away from the gym for 6 months and suddenly you're trying to run for 20 minutes on the treadmill. You're gonna be gasping for breath and feeling nauseaus after not even halfway near 20 minutes.

I had a sudden urge to hop on an airplane last night. I didn't care where it would take me. I just needed to be away. Where can I go from here?