Sorry baby, I'm just not in the mood

My thoughts are totally all over the place and I'm still not used to my new hairdo yet. Not that it's entirely new or anything, but I've just got it shorter and changed my side parting to the other side. So I'm totally annoyed of having to swipe my hair back every 5 seconds. Hate having hair touching my face but can't afford to not have hair in front of my face. Arghhhh!! The tension is killing me! Why do I have such squarish face??????????????? If I had a pretty little heart-shaped face like Charlize Theron's, I wouldn't have to worry about how exactly I need my hair to look like.

I'm only due to go down to Malacca this weekend but my mind has already made it down to Jonker Street. I'm visualizing all the yummy food that I can stuff myself full of and I can't sit still in the office today. I'm feeling terribly restless. There's a billion things to do but I don't know which one to do first. Everything seems to be so urgent and deadlines are catching up to burn my ass.

I'm absolutely not in the state of mind to think straight this moment. I need to lie down and stuff my face full of chocolates. Now if only I could find a couch for me to laze off and call it a day...