Camwhoring work trip

One could only imagine how hard it was to work on a full resort photography project without hiring any outside help - and we did it all from scratch! I'll not talk much about the work, but all I can say is I'm darn proud of myself - despite some little screw ups which I didn't handle too well. But other than that, I'm glad to give myself a little pat on my back. All work and no play makes Ashley a dull girl, which is precisely why we were fooling around whenever we could. Let the pictures show you how nutty the whole crew were.

Hell yeah I climbed up the wall!! You only need to figure out exactly how I did it

At the desert or the beach??

Just our luck - One of the shots we took.

Group pic at Tioman

You don't need me to tell you we were such camwhores - Fooling around at Subang airport

There's plenty of these lizards in Tioman, brought in many many years ago as food. I just forgot from which country.

Had a short weekend in Langkawi and this was how the outside of my room looked like. Not gonna show any inside shots because I don't bring justice to the rooms with my pictures.

They called this Orange Creme Brulee but it looked and tasted like a pudding instead. And it was my favourite food for the entire stay.

Woohoo!! My legs looked like they were a mile long

Don't ask. I don't know what's happening either



At one of the sets - We called it the RM50 wedding. Go figure!

You may or may not believe me when I say I'm the bride...

I've gone from one challenging portfolio to another daunting one. Work is definitely not getting any easier for me. Good comments and praises make me feel on top of the world, but I get stressed up almost immediately after. Doing good feels great, but that would only heighten other people's expectations about me. I'll try... Definitely much harder this time around :)