True words for my true love

Mouth feels dry as gin
Heart melting like butter
Feel the sweatdrops dancing on my skin
One kiss, and you set my heart aflutter

However did my heart end up in your hands?
I swear I never saw it coming
Will you hold it till the end?
Across summer, autumn, winter and then spring...

Your presence makes me complete
For you take in my imperfections
Calm my anger
And make it all better

My mind can only make up dreams
Where the world is perfect, without flaws
Reality may not be what it seems
But with you, I want to have it all

One year has not been enough
Two years can barely satisfy
Sorry for the times when things got tough
You have my word I'll always want you as mine

Happy one year anniversary dear dear. I love you.

p/s: You still owe me a 12 carat diamond