I must say...

I need to apologize for not taking up to my responsibilities. But I'm glad there's a majority who feels the same way as I do, and are not afraid of saying it out loud. Kudos! Power to the little people! Yes, you may be gigantic and tower above the rest, but we sure have a way to bring you down. Albeit slightly. Take my word when I say now that when these all cools down, the first thing I'm gonna do is get my little ass registered for the next round.

Now that the rakyat has spoken, you guys better buck up and stop making lame excuses for all your shitty endeavours. If you only didn't manage to win over Kelantan, I'd fully understand. But look at Penang... Look at Selangor! We've had enough of your shit. So please... Get your act together and we'll be just fine (Yeah, Spice Girls supports us little people too!) We know you'll never really ever step off and not be the ruling party of the country; we just want you to really get it when we say we're fed up. Now, do you finally get it???

Today we shall celebrate in peace. But I'm celebrating for my friend's victory. I'm off to KLCC for her convocation ceremony. Please don't let roadblocks be in my way.

Oh yeah, congratulations to Jeff Ooi. Your victory means so much to so many people in such different ways.

Signing off...