Would you be my girlfriend?

Chapter 1

That was his question. It came as such a surprise. She never expected him to say those words so soon. Her hands were shaking so badly that she was sipping quickly on her green tea as if it were the elixir of life. Close to the point of gulping. She could only tell him that they shouldn't move too fast. He agreed. But he said he's gonna try harder. "At least I still have the chance." And they continued to talk while invisible pink cotton candy hearts were floating in the air and Cupid was watching closely. The air-conditioning in the cinema nearly froze her to death. She was wishing so badly that she could snuggle up to him for some warmth. But she was too stubborn. And he was too afraid to wrap his arms around her. Maybe afraid that he'll scare her. It was hard enough for him to confess his feelings. She knew about it, and she was feeling the exact same way too but she never knew he was such a shy guy after all. He walked her to the train station after they had dinner. She is such a sushi lover. But she couldn't manage to eat as much as she usually could. Her mind was not concentrated on hunger. Her body was flushed with heat. Primal heat. Passionate blood is once again flowing through her cold veins. She felt coy when their skin brushed against each other. "Why didn't he just grab my hand and hold on tightly to it?" She was screaming inside. All he could manage was to touch her lightly on her shoulder and even more lightly near her hips. Such a shy guy. No one could ever tell. But the connection is there. The feelings are strong. More importantly, the feelings are mutual. How did it happen? No one could ever know. Sparks fly, and it is a beautiful thing for these two young lovers to be able to start a relationship together. It was just the first date. There are more to come. And deep in her heart, she prays everyday for a man she can truly love and love her in return.


Amy said...

The starting so cun then the ending like blah only??? Why the girl jual harga?- I know she wants to maintain her self worth, but I think she shouldn't leave the guy just hanging like that. He is a brave soul. I'm rootin for the guy ;)

aichiban said...

the beauty of young souls