All smiles

There's not much to be said about today's convocation ceremony. Just to note that I was very excited, to the point where adrenaline took over and I actually forgot that I was sick. And I was smiling and laughing so much... But it didn't bother me 'cause I was truly happy. The feelings came true from the inside. Unlike the short time I spent taking the studio photos, and felt so awkward the whole time. My favourite shot of the day (which excludes the need to post up the other one hundred million photos that I took) is definitely this one...

My body does have good memory. I felt so beaten down after getting on to the car. My shirt was soaked in sweat after I took off my jacket and gown. Hair was fucked after taking off the mortar board. No worries... I took my meds and will be off to bed soon. I'm working tomorrow anyway. Anyone shopping for holidays at MATTA Fair tomorrow? Come pay me a visit ;) Oh... I'm off to the second convocation session as well. Gotta share my friends' great day. And I don't care if the bosses don't like it. Die die I also must go!!

Lovely flowers I've received today