E haere rā, Danny

A good friend of mine will be travelling 8,730 kilometres to Christchurch, New Zealand in two days. By the time I'm done typing this entry, it'll be just one day left. He's going carrying one of those holiday-working visas, leaving Bolehland for at least six months. But if fate has its way, he might be going further away and not come back for good. At least that's what I think he'll do... judging from his keen interest in backpacking across Europe.

Abby and I had dinner with Danny last night to bid him farewell and to be honest, I wish him all the best but with a slightly heavy heart. It's just the not-so-nice feeling of knowing someone really close to you is leaving to a place far away and is no longer reachable by an hour's drive or something like that. I know some people who are in NZ or travelling across other continents but they're not close friends so I don't get nostalgic about them. It's not like I knew before they left anyway. Poor dude's travelling all the way (with connecting flight) alone and I would be sobbing like mad if I had to travel that far all alone. But I guess if he's already made the choice then I as a friend might as well wish him all the luck in the world. Let's just hope immigration doesn't kick his skinny ass back to the KL airport *fingers crossed*

We chatted during dinner and it just hit us there and then that the three of us have known each other for seven years. Danny and I spent a short period of that time being housemates and that's the major reason to why he's one of my closest and dearest friends. He can call me a bitch but I still love him to bits. So this post is dedicated to you, my dear friend. Don't be a stranger when you are not near. Keep in touch xoxo

We were 20 and clueless about style. Walkin' around thinkin' we were the hottest bitches in town

Our pseuso karaoke pose

This was during one of our group assignments and we kicked all the other groups' behinds

Getting ready to have our graduation photo taken

Messing around backstage before we walked out on stage for our convocation

On a tuk-tuk in Bangkok where we both fell in love... with a hot male stripper. Well, at least in awe

Fast forward seven years to last night. Thank god our hair look good now

I'll miss you heaps, darling. Take care