This is a hijacked post

This year's February 14th is a little different; Chinese New Year totally overshadowed Valentine's Day. As I drove down to Bun's hometown, I was expecting to be celebrating nothing but CNY. Much to my surprise, I received a lovely Valentine's gift. Totally unexpected and sweet. I have no picture to show because I am blogging from Bun's bro's laptop and hijacking the neighbour's WiFi. I'll try to upload it later if the little kid decided to keep his router switched on. I've been celebrating CNY at Bun's hometown for about three years now, if I remember correctly. It's very much different than the New Years that I celebrated while growing up. Here you'll see family members filling up every seat at the dinner table, at every meal. It's usually pretty mundane being in the city during CNY. So I come down here to spend time with Bun. I get much more angpao money whenever I'm around so I ain't complaining. I've been thinking it's getting unbearable to repeat the eat-sleep-watch tv routine by now, but just a minute ago I realised my holiday is coming to an end REALLY soon so I better bask in every second before I have to get back to work next week. It's time for dinner so, TATA!