Take my jacket off

I'm trying to figure out how I can make myself sit up straight and slowly pen down my thoughts.

I can't.

Lately I've been getting only half the amount of sleep my body really needs. I'm don't even need to blame it on the new job. Today's the end of my third week and it's still fine. But these few weeks has been kinda hectic. Two close friends are getting married in July, (well, one's already married but having her big fat Indian wedding back home in Malaysia) and helping to plan stuff for the brides has made it seem like I have faux happening social life. There's always somewhere to rush off to and something to be done after work. Thank goodness I get off work at 5pm. No thanks that my workplace is so far from everywhere else. I'm not complaining, nor blaming the brides. They're awesome friends. I just couldn't imagine what it would be like if I was the one getting married. How can you plan for a million things to happen at the same time, as per the way you wanted it? There you go, the perfectionist in me bursting with rage.

Luckily there's always helpful friends around. First hen's night will be later in the evening. Can't wait to meet up with my girls. I've already got a hot dress on underneath my bulky jacket. Can't blame me for covering up. The air-conditioning's a bitch and I can't risk looking indecent in front of young kids.

Second one is happening next week. Wouldn't really call that a hen's night. Bridal shower would sound more appropriate. Lotsa nice, relaxing moments when us girls get beautified with manicures, pedicures and rubbed down with massages. Bliss. I hope the manicure can stay decent enough at least till the first wedding dinner. Their wedding ceremonies are the other way round. I don't think I'm ladylike enough to keep the nails looking nice till the big fat Indian wedding.

For now, I'll just enjoy one celebration at a time.