Ashley's Guide to Pest Control

Step 1: Analyze trails left behind by the animal. If there's poop, it means there's food for it in your house. It can survive for a certain period of time. And if you find poop with yellowish liquid which dries up to be yellowish powder, it's confirmed you have a monitor lizard around.

Step 2: Look out for trail marks which may possibly look more of a snake's. It's actually from its tail. Leave some non-drying coloured liquid around for it to step on, if possible. It helps a great deal when you need to figure out it's hiding spot.

Step 3: Call 999/994 or your nearest Jabatan Pertahanan Awam office. They're available 24-7 and they'll come equipped to help get rid of your pest problem. Just remember to let them in the house with their heavy boots on. Next thing you know, you'll have your house all to yourself again and not having to share it with some lost wild creature.

p/s: No way in hell would I even think about boiling this thing in soup and savouring it. Bleurgh!!!


Chindiana said...

exciting! where do you live again? wonder what else is lurking in your laundry basket?

Ashley Liew said...

umm, my brother's dirty undies?

Wak This Way said...

ahh, those things taste good. Had to drag one home once to be slaughtered for soup. Tasty.