How I Welcomed 2009

This is a very delayed post. Almost half a month to be remotely exact. I can't even think of where to start bitching about how frustrating it was to transfer the pictures outta my phone. Crappy Bluetooth I've got. I still don't know if the fault's on my phone or computer. Either way, I still ended up in success after much perseverance.

Got a haircut hair trim at CROP STUDIO in Kuchai Lama on New Year's Eve. Pardon me for not partying the night away. I was down with fever. And I'm an old lady now. Bebe was right all along. Sigh...

Finally got my eyebrows threaded after months of procrastination. I know... How could I have survived all these months with fugly brows?? But I did. And guess what? I got cut by this lady's mad skills. She's FAST & FURIOUS. Fast service is good, but not furious till I get hurt in the process. I'm gonna look for better places to thread my brows next time. Any recommendations?

See how mad she was? I proved my point. Both left and right brows had cuts!! Sucks for me. The cuts still stung after my shower every day for the past week.

The only thing she did right was the legs. Did I mention she was fast? Pulling the wax strip off in a high speed surely helped me not to feel the pain nearly as much.

On New Year's Day, I shopped the day away!! Oh I rhymed...

Didn't really shop the day away. Even the clothes I wore in the previous picture were my own. I walked the whole stretch of boutiqes in Bangsar and nearly killed my feet in the process, but I bought nothing there. Ended back at Kuchai Lama to check out this boutique called TOP & BOTTOM, got a top and this gorgeous pair of heels. I've got two pretty, no, make that one fierce and one flirty dresses from another boutique two doors away. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of that one. Probably 'cause my unconscious memory cautiously prefers to remember a generous boutique that gives me a deen-see-kuang.

Here's the logo for anyone's who's interested to shop in that area. Not too bad. If you know Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park, then it shouldn't be too much of a problem for you to find the place. But if anyone ever tells you of a fishhead meehon around the area, don't bother trying it out. It sucks big time. I can't even remember the place's name, but it's very cafe like.

So there you go. That was how my new year was like. It's been not too bad so far. Just a little bit of mental breakdown here and there. I've got a lot of bits and pieces to pick up. But that's alright. People lose their minds all the time. I'll just need to have more self-control this time. Everytime.


WQ said...

i bought my tops from top and bottom too!! :D

and that fishhead bihun cafe is call Top SUCKS!!!

Ashley Liew said...

Yes... It SUCKS big time! With a capital S!!!