I have a confession

I'm a shopaholic. And you hear the sound of the whole world going...


To make matters worse, there are gazillions of blogs that actually sell some really cute threads. And I see some that are in KL so they are actually available for physical examination before any transaction is made. Oh how I hate shopping online! I've never actually done so. Well, except for movie tickets and hotel reservations. I'd still like to try on stuff before I buy them.

A thought flashed in my mind earlier when I browsed through these websites. Maybe I shouldn't be suffering as a victim of this condition anymore. Maybe I should turn the tables. I should start selling clothes online too! I need the extra money, don't I? Beats putting my money in shares eh? Lol. So yeah... I'm really thinking about it. I can't sell from a physical outlet 'cause you can't get me started on the whole business thingy ever. Maybe I should really put more thought into it. Comments anyone?

Maybe I should take my Bangkok trip as a test run. Buy some pieces and start selling on my blog. If good reaction, great!! If not, then I'll have more birthday gifts this year to give out. Haha!! Watch this space...