I should be so thankful

Yes, I should count my blessings indeed. It's just another day for most people out there, but today I discovered three very important things:

1) I have colleagues who are concerned about my well being, even though we've only known each other for less than three months

2) I have friends who love me, and I love them to bits too

3) I have a guy who shares a mutual feeling as I do for him, and wants me more than I want him. Don't get me wrong. I'm just overwhelmed by the attention he's giving me. I've never had guys treating me this way

I'm exploding with all sorts of emotions. Feeling everything at the same time. Love, fear, emptiness, gratitude, fulfilment, hesitation, bla bla bla. Am I asking too much? Thinking too much? Abby and Deb has advised me not to. I know I shouldn't. I even told him not to do the same. So why am I whining? Dunno la. I'm just too complicated for myself to handle.